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(2) Exit Distance. - Dangerous buildings are those which are structurally unsafe or not provided with safe egrees, or which constitute a fire hazard, or are otherwise dangerous to human life, or which in relation to existing use constitute a hazard to safety or health or public welfare, by reason of inadequate maintenance, dilapidation, obsolescence, fire hazard, or abandonment; or which otherwise contribute to the pollution of the site or the community to an intolerable degree. Walls and permanent partitions shall be of incombustible fire-resistive construction: Except, That permanent nonbearing partitions of one-hour fire resistive construction framing assembly. Shutters shall be arranged to slide without binding in guides constructed of material equal to the shutters in strength and fire resistance. (b) A mezzanine floor shall be constructed with a clear ceiling height of not less than 1.90 meters (6 feet, 4 inches) above and below.

The glass panels shall be located in such a manner as to reduce the hazard of ignition caused by paint spray deposit. Approved plastics may be used in skylights installed on roofs Types I, II, or III buildings and all buildings equipped with an approved automatic fire-extinguishing system in Groups A, B, C, E, F, J, H-3, an H-4 Occupancies: Except, That:cralaw (1) Approved plastics may be used in any type of construction or occupancy as a fire venting system when approved by the Building Official. The maximum variations in the width of treads in any one flight shall be not more than 5 millimeters (3/16 inch) and the maximum variation in the height of two adjacent rises shall not exceed 5 millimeters (3/16 inch). Chimneys for incinerators installed in multi-story buildings using the chimney passageway as a refuse chute where the horizontal grate area of combustion chamber does not exceed 0.84 square meter (9 square feet) shall have walls of solid masonry or reinforced concrete, not less than 10 centimeters (4 inches) thick with a chimneys lining as specified in this Code. Enclosed platforms shall be provided with one or more ventilators conforming to the requirements of stage ventilators: Except, That the total area shall be equal to five per cent of the area of the platform. (b) No signboards shall be constructed as to unduly obstruct the natural view of the landscape, distract or obstruct the view of the public as to constitute a traffic hazard, or otherwise defile, debase, or offend the aesthetic and cultural values and traditions of the Filipino people. Basement pipe inlets shall be strategically located and kept readily accessible at all times to the Fire Department.

All openings into an exit court less than 3.00 meters (10 feet) wide shall be protected by fire assemblies having a three-fourths-hour fire resistive rating: Except, That openings more than 3.00 meters (10 feet) above the floor of the exit court may be unprotected. Type III Buildings shall be masonry and wood construction, Structual elements may be any of the materials permitted by this Code: Provided, That the building shall be one-hour fire-resistive throughout. Door openings in vault shall be of four hour fire-resistive construction and shall be kept close except when in use. (b) Fireplaces and Barbecues. (b) Clearance. The blades of exhaust fan shall be constructed of nonferous materials and shall be mounted in such a manner as to prevent contact with the exhaust duct.

Every projection room shall have at least two doorway separated by not less than one-third the perimeter of the room, each at least 75 centimeters (2 feet, 6 inches) wide and 2.00 meters (6 feet, 7 inches) high. For stands with seats without backrests this distance may be measured by direct line from a seat to the exit from the stand. Scope and Application3.1 Shall cover architectural, civil/structural, electrical, mechanical, sanitary, plumbing,electronics and interior design. (b) Film negatives in storage or in process of handling shall be kept in heavy manila envelopes not exceeding 12 films to an envelope. Doors in any position shall not reduce the required width by more than one-half. Except in Group A Occupancies, every boiler room and every room containing an incinerator or L-P Gas or liquid fuel-fired equipment shall be provided with at least two means of egress, one of which may be a ladder. 12 U.S. 4df88630c8
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